“Express” Yourself and Profit With Your Own Blog “Family”

Recently, I heard an old song whose title is, “Express Yourself” if my memory serves me correctly.

The title reminded me of one of bloggers’ main objectives, which is to express themselves and their feelings about a wide range of subjects, such as relationships, dreams, interests, hobbies, sports, religion, pets and so on. If a given subject, such as hobbies, is brainstormed, a number of interesting possibilities (aspects)come up: photography, stamp collecting, coin collecting, toy making, painting, knitting, crocheting, traveling. And within each of those hobbies are other, more specific terms. Brainstorm “photography,” for example, and you may likely come up with terms as lens, darkroom, digital cameras, studio, tripod, and film. Then “extend” this list by looking up other keyword suggestions using Overture.

If photography is one of your passions or hobbies, and you have one blog about it (such as one devoted to your best photos), consider other related blogs on two or three of its related aspects. Of course, you can develop such a “family” of blogs from scratch, and at the same time, “expressed” and “extended” yourself and your hobby into several potentially, profitable blogs! Perhaps another blog can be focused on experienced/professional photographers’ problems. Another blog can offer helpful advice for amateurs on photographing pets, and so on.